Saturday, November 12, 2016

Belated Sydney 1

It seems like a long time ago now we were in Sydney - for our annual sisters and spouses reunion weekend. This year we were there a night early (Wednesday 26 October) - the 8 of us were heading off to the Kemeny's Penfolds (wine) dinner at Peter Gilmore's Quay restaurant at The Rocks in Sydney.
 This was the view from Quay's entry...
This was the view from Jennie & Wayne's & Judy & Jurgen's apartment on the 11th floor of Quay West (we hate the way those massive cruise ships break up the harbour vista these days!!)......
OMG This was what confronted us at the tables as we entered......each of us had 13 wines to taste - including the 2012 Penfold's Grange Hermitage!!!!
But we're all up for it!!

Of course there was food too - five courses and Petits Fours to finish - all amazing quality as you would expect in a Peter Gilmore establishment. First course was smoked eel, aged black pig pancetta, eggplant, button mushroom and laver (?) served with two different Penfold's 2014 Chardonnays.
It was  a lot of fun being in the company of people with well developed palates and serious wine knowledge - I learnt a now we'd moved through second course and on to the main course of veal, parsnip, mushroom with grains served with 4 different Penfold's Shirazes (all 2014 vintage). My favourite was the Penfolds Bin 389 (2014) Cabernet Shiraz - gorgeous!
Then dessert (with a beautiful Penfolds Cellar Reserve Viognier 2013) and then cheese with tastes of the big 3: St Henri Shiraz (2013) RWT Shiraz (2014) and the GRANGE Hermitage (2012). 

I know this is crass but at $755 a bottle we reckon this little taster of the Grange would be worth close to $100 dollars!  I made sure I drank all of mine!! (Most of the other twelve drinks I only had a tiny taste of (honest)).

And another fabulous view of this Sydney icon as we all rolled and swayed our way home after this fabulous wine dinner!

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