Sunday, October 23, 2016

Reluctant Spring

We've had so much rain and cold windy days this Spring that if the sun comes out at the weekend we all feel like celebrating. 

A week ago we thought we'd plant some carrot seeds. Abi is a very keen botanist and loves the outdoors. Today she asked Rob why the seeds haven't sprouted yet. He replied that they had only been planted for 7 days and they take 10 days to sprout (in theory). He then asked Abi how many more days she would have to wait. She replied without hesitation.........3 days!! (Pretty good for a 4 year old....was that just a lucky guess??)

Ella enjoys the artistic possibilities of gardening - she planted her seeds in fantastic amazing patterns.

Then it was back to a week of wet windy weather again....poor cold carrot seeds!

But Rob managed to get this clear blue sky picture of recent progress at C5... The building is at its finished height..the roof goes on next. Our apartment is the one on the right above the grey balconies (one floor below the top floor). There are three apartments on our level and six apartments facing on to the grey balconies. A wine bar, a gastro pub and a cafe have opened on the corner opposite and we are doing our best to patronise them on our visits. There's a lot of excitement about the way the area is developing.  We're already planning our boules tournaments on that lawn.

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