Sunday, October 9, 2016

Reluctant portraits

It took us all a week or two to recover from our travels; the girls (and Jody) came back with bad colds, the weather's been very wet and miserable...and there's not been too many opportunities to enjoy being outdoors during the school holidays.

So when the temperatures rose late last week, and the sun emerged, we took the girls to Floriade. Usually it's a fun and colourful place to be and the girls were looking forward to the Jumping Castle........but despite the anticipation they are not too keen on our photo taking these days - especially Abi!!!

 This is Abi's and Ella's best impression of a pirhana smile!
 The mood lifted a bit after the giant slide ride.........
But Ella was disappointed to find she was no longer eligible for the Jumping Castle (too tall).  She took it well though - and Abi wouldn't go on it either out of solidarity with her sister!

No petting zoo at Floriade this year either - although the girls found the reptiles display quite interesting (goannas, frill neck lizards and lots of pythons). Ella even patted a baby crocodile

But the best fun was had on the old stone fort in Commonwealth Park - just outside the area devoted to Floriade. Kids have been playing on this old stone construction for over 30 years - it's really old school and probably very dangerous by today's standards. The girls played in and on it for nearly an hour (with all the other kids) getting filthy dirty and risking life and limb in the tunnels and on the (really high) turrets.

The pic below is of Ella and me at the start of the holidays after we'd enjoyed dumplings for lunch in Civic.  This girl is always OK about  having her picture taken (lucky us)!!

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