Sunday, July 17, 2016

Under construction

We've travelled over 3,000klms in the last 2 weeks, driving from Canberra to Sandy Beach, then to Brisbane, back to Kirra, then back to Brisbane, then back to Sandy Beach - a two night stop over in Sydney and then back to Canberra last Friday. We loved the trip - catching up with family - enjoying some beautiful warm sunny weather and some wonderful art on view in Sydney and Goulburn on the way home.

We admired Pete's progress on the new development at Sandy Beach - an original timber clad beach cottage being transformed into a classy 3 bedroom 3 bathroom B & B, while maintaining the original cottage character on the outside. There is a way to go as yet but we can really see the potential!
Rear view below.......just after the old garage was demolished, to be replaced by a new double garage and landscaping (of course).
 The cottage is opposite the Sandy Beach boat ramp - very picturesque!
We celebrated our return to canberra by taking the girls (and their bikes) to their favourite park on Saturday morning - allowing us a good look at progress on our apartment at C5 (Campbell).  Things appear to be going well!

The view below is of the front of the building facing north towards the War Memorial and Mt Ainslie.  By this stage Ella was enjoying photobombing all my pics. Can you see her on her pink bike in this shot?

The construction is just starting to look like the computer generated pictures of "Saint Germain" in all the sales brochures (minus the flowers in the garden).

And just for fun I have included the pic below, taken at almost the same spot as the pic above - but about 9 months ago...pretty good progress we think!
 And meanwhile Abi was just swinging herself around and around...........


rossie l said...

Not up to your floor yet. Sooo exciting.
The cottage looks much the same from the outside, although pine tree is gone. Arborists thought it was now dangerous with roots disturbed. The plasterers started yesterday so that will make a huge difference to inside.
Love xx

Rewat Singh said...

Lovely snaps and photography. wow. high resolutions.