Monday, July 4, 2016

Gyoza girls

This girl caused us a big scare last week - a sudden severe bout of croup required ambulance and admission to A & E in the middle of the night.  Steam and steroids quickly improved the situation - much to our relief. And by the end of the week Abi was back to her super sparky self again - oh to be young!
Both the girls have had a great term at school/preschool with very positive reports (and grades in Ella's case) from their teachers (I am not biased!). They both love learning Japanese with Aby Sensai and in the last week of term Ella learnt how to make gyoza in language class.  We celebrated the end of term on Friday afternoon with Ella conducting a gyoza cooking lesson at home for all our benefit.

The girls approached it so seriously with Ella taking on the role of the well organised and responsible teacher for the afternoon.

Even the frying process didn't phase her.  They turned out superbly - over 60 gyoza......pork mince, chinese cabbage, spring onion, sesame oil...gyoza and girl perfection.

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