Monday, October 6, 2014

Borobudur - first sight

We arrived in Yogyakarta this afternoon despite the lack of information about boarding gates etc at Bali airport. Lucky we asked the right question at the right time of the right person!

We didn't arrive until a bit before 4.00pm Yogya time and it was another 90 minutes or so from there to Borobudur so I missed my sunset view of one of the most amazing Buddhist temples in the world (and certainly the biggest!). This was the best pic I got in the fading light with my travel compact camera from the highest point at our hotel - The Borobudur Plataran. The temple is barely visible on the horizon to the right of those two bright lights.

The Plataran is an amazing hotel - part Dutch influenced Javanese antique and part traditional Javanese rustic luxe.

This is the dining area - at the highest point of the steeply sloping hotel grounds.

We were greeted with a rather late afternoon tea on arrival in the formal dining area overlooking the sparkling pool.

Our villa is an antique teak traditional Javanese building - with luxe finishes - and very special! It would be wonderful to spend a few days here as we have our own private garden area as well.

Dinner tonight was quite grand. There aren't many guests so this little trio played traditional music throughout the evening - just for us!

I have never been served beef rendang quite like this before.......on green bean pancake of all things - but a taste sensation.

and Rob's dish looked pretty special too......

We're planning a sunrise tour of Borobudur in the morning, meaning a 4.15am start.

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