Sunday, September 14, 2014

J & K from Seoul

J & K came to Sydney this weekend after a week in Noosa (and Melbourne), giving us a chance to catch up with this gorgeous pair, in some familiar territory for us all.

Sydney weather was uncharacteristically cool and showery on Saturday, but we managed to avoid getting too wet making our way to Ferry Wharf 1 on Circular Quay....

..and then to Manly Beach to find a warm and sheltered lunch spot and some seafood. As it turned out Whitewater fitted the bill perfectly. 

We loved seeing J & K  again - hearing all about life in Seoul, their amazing work and the differences between life in Sth Korea and Australia.  Kay is so positive (although very astute) about everything she sees and experiences.......she would be such an asset working for Tourism Australia (but not Team Australia please - none of us are in that team).

The boys were very entertaining. They are both obsessed with Rubik's cube at the moment and amazed us all with their ability to solve the puzzle SO FAST, over and over again from all different starting points. It really shows what is possible with intelligence and CONSTANT practice (click click click).

With a little while to spare between getting back from Manly and our dinner booking at the wonderful Danjee restaurant in Albion Place we had a sunset drink together at the Opera House Bar - for the best view in Sydney.......the bridge to the west, the Opera House (up close) to the east and the clear blue water of the harbour within backflip distance.
Kay had to fly back to Seoul early this morning so we were sad we weren't able to enjoy a perfect September Sunday morning  with her at our Barzura's, the best breakfast place in Coogee (that's what we think anyway).  It was no consolation to be able to track her flight through that amazing Tripradar App. We wished she was here with us!

Coogee looked its best today - the only thing spoiling the image was the sight of hundreds of bluebottles washed up on the high tide line ....ouch...lots of potential stings there - although no sign of any live bluebottles in the water this morning.

A visit from J & K is always cause for great excitement and celebration and we counted our luck in being able to share some precious time with them, until we next see them.....................

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