Sunday, September 28, 2014

Eating Ubud

We were joined by the rest of the mob in Ubud on Saturday afternoon. The good times started almost immediately with a few rounds of G&Ts on our balcony at Cendana and then dinner out at Casa Luna. Ubud continues to be packed with people and traffic but just to prove that nothing has really changed as we approached Casa Luna, as if on cue, we were greeted by a long and loud procession of exquisitely dressed and festooned locals on their way to some ceremony.  

The Casa Luna is a very gentle and stylish introduction to eating out in Ubud - but the most amazing sight of the night was Maddie ordering, eating and enjoying her first gado gado (yummy she said!)

I played tour guide on Sunday, leading my group around the long block bound by Jl Dewi Sitra and Jl Hanoman and Monkey Forest Road, noting great massage spots, cafes, temples, rice paddy views dance sites, restaurants and shopping opportunities along the way. Of course we stopped at the Sacred Monkey Forest too.  Despite the horror stories about rabid feral monkeys, the few family groups we observed at the entry to the forest were very cute and engaging.  Maybe there will be a visit to the forest later in the week then?

The Three Monkeys Cafe is just like we remembered it - and great WiFi too much to the relief of all the young ones.

Leaving us to consider lunch.....which had to be at The Indus of course.

The Indus was pretty crowded so we were relegated to the lower level. Janet's husband was there directing operations. It was obvious there are lots of preparations underway for the Readers and Writers festival due to open on the 1st - including a fresh lick of paint (happening while we were there) to all the lndus walls.  Rob was the one who announced the man directing things was Janet's husband - which I disagreed with (in front of everyone) (as if he'd be there WORKING I said!).  Rob got a lot of mileage out my wrong call when the facts became known (!!!).

After another wonderful meal it was back to the centre of the village and a quick look at the lotus garden........

......and a chance for the girls (and James) to try the foot spa with hundreds of man eating fish sucking dead skin cells off their lower limbs. I've never seen this in Ubud before but I guess if the gimmick works well in Nusa Dua why not in Ubud too?  They swear it left their skin smoother and softer anyway.

Only an hour to wait to G&T time again..this time we're invited to James and Fiona's villa at Sri Bungalows. I'm looking forward to seeing the hotel again, an old favourite of ours.

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