Thursday, February 20, 2014

This girl is two

Our gorgeous Peppa Pig loving girl , big sister (Dare Dare), Mummy, Daddy, Nellie (nawny doddy = naughty doggy), chocolate (doccy) loving girl (Abi) turned two today

This girl is full of laughter and fun, quicksilver action and is almost impossible for her (slow to react) Granny to keep in focus.

We had a quiet celebration of her actual birthday today over lunch. She laughed as we sang her Happy Birthday but preferred to outsource the candle blowing to me - which she found pretty funny too. There was one pink smartie on her birthday cake which she sucked on for AGES, the absolute highlight of her day!

Our "Percy" girl is personality plus, like her big sister, but more of a daredevil and probably more of a cheeky monkey too at this stage. We think she might favour her left hand like her Mum's Mum and her Dad's Dad. 

She is enjoying having a go at new words now she is two. Her Aunty Ros (and Pete) sent her a new Oobi skirt for her birthday and she loved the RICRAC trim - which she had no trouble saying (so clearly too)..another very "punny" word in her rapidly expanding vocabulary!

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