Monday, February 10, 2014

Doing stuff

We really admire the way Ella is really into "doing stuff" at the moment. She is focussed, solving problems and always keen to "get it right".

In the last week of the holidays we spent a lovely afternoon at the Gold of the Incas exhibition at the National Gallery. Ella spent most of the time in the "play room" experimenting with all the lovely materials and activities designed to get children and young people engaged with ancient Peruvian cultures. 

We had to be kicked out in the end by the security guards at closing time. Ella wanted to go back again the next day!

Yesterday I watched her make a "Rupert plane" - one of the hardest paper plane constructions you could wish to master. Previously, her Dad and London Davey were the only ones I knew of who were able to whip off a perfect Rupert plane from a standing start! It takes some very involved folding and sophisticated aerodynamics to master one of these.

Abi loves "doing stuff "too: daredevil acts on chairs and railings, mastering the art of going nappy-free, playing hide and seek with the big girls, lusting after the doccy (chocolates) on the rare occasions they're offered!

Joshy's current "doing stuff" challenge is to create the perfect roast Sunday night dinner. This was his first attempt at a pork leg roast on the bar-b-que - very successful - and very popular with the girls.

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