Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sydney long weekend - Monday & Tuesday

Sydney weather continued to be perfect in every way throughout our 5 day stay. We saw Jane off at Sydney airport around noon on Monday and picked up our friends David, Irene and Rhys from their airport hotel soon after. They had a long afternoon and night to kill before their early morning flight to a fortnight of skiing in Niseko Japan.

We hung out in Coogee together for the afternoon/evening - the boys swam, we went walking along the spectacular headland, tried the beers at the old beachfront Palace Hotel.........

and enjoyed a happy and delicious meal together at Barzura's - seated at one of the best tables in the house - looking straight out at Coogee beach!

Tuesday seemed very quiet - just Rob and me again. A good opportunity to catch up with the Yoko Ono survey exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art just near Circular Quay.

The exhibition spans five decades of her work from the early 1960's to the present. Participation by viewers has always been a big feature of Yoko Ono's work - where the viewer is actively involved in creating meaning. I loved seeing so many young people interacting with the ideas and getting right into the exhibition, including these chess players, playing with all white chess pieces (it's a trust thing you see!).
 ..and this "My mommy is beautiful" wall - where viewers are invited to pin or tape private messages to their mothers.

 We liked this one....

At this table viewers were invited to reconstruct broken plates, cups and bowls into new forms with string, blue tac, tape and found objects.

And I particularly liked this installation of suspended army helmets containing "pieces of sky". Viewers were invited to take one piece away with them "in the hope that one day in the future, they will return with their pieces to build a beautiful new sky together".

 Rob's favourite work was this one - We're All Water - 118 bottles of water - all lined the words of the song..we're all water in different containers....we're container minders.  I found her choice of  "containers" most interesting (yes, Robert Hughes was there, next to Rene Magritte!)

Thinking about conceptual art always makes me hungry, and we both had the same choice for lunch - back to the wonderful Danjee in Albion Place where K and Joel had taken us for the first time only a fortnight before.

If Joel and K are seeing this they will probably see straight away that we made one ordering error - yes we inadvertently ordered two types of  Bi-Bim-Bab (one with raw fish and one with chicken) thus reducing our variety of dishes somewhat - but hey we love this food anyway!  We will take every opportunity we can to get more familiar with Korean food and this great new Sydney restaurant.

Monday night we were invited by our new neighbours to enjoy drinks on their balcony, giving me my first opportunity for a panorama shot down Coogee Bay Road - love Sydney!

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