Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sydney long weekend - Saturday

Just back from a fabulous few days in Sydney: a city of blue skies and mild Summer temperatures - unlike Canberra this week which is baking in 40oC heat.

Saturday morning we were able to catch up with the Sydney ZACS at the beautiful Victoria Park Pool where the kids have their weekly lessons.  We hadn't seen A for a few months and we thought he'd changed a lot - looking a lot more like his sister now than his Grand-dad Colin.

Then a quick lunch together at the nearby Gardener's Lodge Cafe in Camperdown. Z entertained Rob while I helped A unwrap his toy car.

Then we were off to Lilyfield to pick up my friend Jane in readiness for the weekend's big event - our friend Tania's 50th birthday party.

Jane, Tania and I taught Visual Art together for a number of very happy and fulfilling years at Canberra High School in the late eighties. In the pic below that's me on the left (complete with eighties perm), Jane in the middle and Tania on the right, in May 1989. We're at the opening of Tania's sculpture exhibition in Penrith Sydney.

....and that is 10 year old Josh on the left in the pic below (he was there at the opening too).


Now look at Tania, back living in Sydney for good, with two beautiful daughters, and turning 50!

Morgan and Aine gave a very funny (and loving) tribute to their creative, fun loving and clever mother which was a highlight of the night.

It was a very stylish party, beautifully catered by Bruno of Food Adventura and plenty of champagne and good wines from Allan's stash. I promised I'd take a picture of the cake for Ella.

And this is how a creative, funloving and clever 50 year old woman cuts her birthday cake - Tania kamikazeed it actually!

And this is Jane, Tania and me, nearly 25 years on, and all "blonde" now, dancing like there's no tomorrow!

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