Saturday, February 9, 2013

ZACS visit

We were lucky to get a visit from the Sydney ZACS on Saturday, so they could catch up with Granny GiGi while she's staying with us. We had four kids here, five and under, for around 6 hours so things were hectic, but never dull. The girls remembered fun times with the glitter, sequins and glue last visit so, naturally, they were expecting the same this visit.

Beautiful blue eyed Alexander had his eye on the car and struck no competition from the girls (what is it about boys and their cars?). He's just started walking in the last few weeks and took his most steps ever (was it 6 or was it 7?) trying to find his way back to his now favourite car.

Ella and Zoe took a little while to warm up with each other but towards the end of the visit were just about hysterical, tickling each other and chasing each other around the house and bouncing on the cushions.

Abi was most impressed by the food: the watermelon, grapes, spaghetti and biscotti all got a good work out this afternoon.

After Ella left Rob was able to enjoy some quiet, quality time with Zoe while she listened to all his amazing Canberra wildlife stories.

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