Saturday, February 2, 2013

Summer days driftin' away 1

Ella has LOVED her two weeks of swimming lessons this summer. And a lot of that enjoyment was due to Ethan, her good looking AND "funny" swimming teacher (and an excellent teacher too by the way).

With only two children in the class Ella had lots of opportunities to learn new skills, one on one, and grow amazingly more confident in the water.

 By the end of last week Ethan had her diving off the blocks at the deep end.....

and swimming to the floating fish around 5 metres away and then retrieving the knotted noodle and bringing them both back to the diving blocks; all very handy skills for children anywhere near water.

On the strength of what we'd seen her do in classes we took Ella for some fun time in the pool one afternoon last week. She spent just under 2 hours doing her best impression of a happy little fish; diving, splashing retrieving her dive sticks and having fun with other kids, swimming around in the DEEP END and not wanting to leave!

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