Monday, December 24, 2012

Celebration 3

We had our third Christmas celebration at the weekend, this one a relatively small one at our house before the young people head off to Sydney.

More presents to open (a brilliant choice by Davey and Cath for Ella), more yummy food to eat and more great wine to team with it.

Then, as is our tradition (only one year old) we headed out for Bissenberger Crescent in Kambah so Ella could see the Christmas lights (and hopefully score a lollypop from the resident Santa).

As the sun was just disappearing for the day I couldn't help thinking the sky was vastly outclassing the show value of this street of over the top artificial lights.

Anyway it was all ticking the right boxes for Ella.

Ella knows that the Santa Claus story is just another one of the rich tapestry of stories and rituals attached to Christmas. I was suprised to see her wait patiently in the queue to greet the man - although I don't blame her for finding his loud voice a bit off putting when they finally met. He in turn was a bit surprised to hear that Ella wanted "a bag of slime" for Christmas.
Anyway Ella seemed to think it was all worth it to ge given a glow bangle and a sweetie by Santa's helper!  That's Christmas for you I guess.

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