Monday, December 3, 2012

Summer countdown

The first day of summer is a perfect opportunity for our family to celebrate Maxie's birthday - and to start getting into the Christmas spirit, with detailed planning about Secret Santas, menus, dates and venues.

But first there is the matter of the birthday Majella, iced cupcakes and those (Ottolenghi) brownies to share - in the beautiful setting of the National Gallery of Australia's Sculpture Garden.

With more rain threatening we took the risky option and stayed on; which worked out well because the kids LOVED the space to run around in, the grassy mounds to roll on and the secret bush gardens to explore.

Abbi astounded everyone with her new found love of WALKING (with support).
She's unbelievably tiny (9months) to be looking so strong on her feet although there is still some work to be done on the balance aspect.

She just loves the feeling of being foot powered!

The big kids were very active and got quite hot and steamy in the muggy conditions.  They spent ages dragging a big branch to where they wanted to dig a big hole...... China (under close supervision, ensuring everything was left in original condition) right in the shadow of this iconic stainless steel Bert Flugelman sculpture.

The Sculpture garden is a magical place...not only can you dig holes amongst the sculptures but, at any minute, out of the gum trees, a beautiful Indian wedding party can emerge, on their way to their celebration, down by the lake at the northern end of the garden.

However our party was voted an unqualified success.......bring on Christmas, bring on Summer!

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