Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ready Set Go

It's a new term, and an opportunity to try some new ventures.  Ella is growing up so quickly and enjoying using her developing physical skills, strength and speed.

She's already decided that pretty and girly stuff is passe, and shorts are now her preferred wardrobe choice (She says she wants a pair of Stubbies like her Daddy wore in the 80s - although this maybe just a tactic to stir Granny).

So it was off to the Woden Athletic track last Saturday morning to Little Athletics. Ella joined the Under 6s!

The kids completed rotations in a range of athletic activities. They taught the kids how to do a ready set go start and then run a 75metre race. No one cared who won and they all loved getting a purple ticket to record their progress. 

Preparation for shot putting was undertaken very scientifically. There were bean bag versions, squish ball versions and skittles and buckets to aim at.  Learning to push and not throw was the challenge.  All those parent volunteers are the heroes of the day.

Ella finished her first session with loads of energy to spare. She dared Grandpa to do a circuit of the oval with her and he struggled to keep up. She could have gone on and on and on.

Throughout Little Athletics Abi enjoyed an incredibly long sleep in the fresh air, in her pram - mighty pleased that her first tooth has finally "erupted" (THIS MORNING) after at least 2 months of playing the tease.

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