Sunday, October 21, 2012

8 months

Abi is 8 months old now and increasingly showing her unique personality with each passing day.  She woke up after a short nap in the sunshine on Saturday imorning n a gorgeous smiley mood.

Giving everyone a wonderful view of that brand new front tooth and those rosy pink cherub cheeks.

The sight of her poking out that cute little tongue is a relatively new one, after that special snip operation that took place last month.

I want to assure all the readers that Abi did not end up eating that Biginelli Cafe sugar stick, although it did come very close.

Ella enjoyed another great week of happy days at preschool, the start of early Summer swimming lessons and her second week at Little Athletics, in perfect weather again, last Saturday morning.

This seemed to be an early preparation exercise for long jump?

Ella appears to love all the highly organised activities but she seems to get a huge boost of energy when the planned program ends.  This week she spent ages practising her handstands. She's determined to perfect it. 

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