Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breakfast with Obama

No we didn't have breakfast with Obama, but we did have a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast at Obama's hotel - the one where he stayed during his 22 hour stopover in Canberra recently. The hotel looked to have recovered from the onslaught of Obama and his entourage and was coping well with the crowds of Canberrans lining up for the breakfast buffet.

We took a walk afterwards to help our over indulgence settle. It was a relaxed way to celebrate a relatively quiet weekend before the next few weeks of social mayhem leading up to Christmas.

Ella is fascinated with all the flowers out at the moment after our mild, dampish Spring. We reckon this is the biggest dandelion seed we've ever seen in Canberra. Ella can never resist spreading the dandelion seed joy.

We ended up at the Katie Bender memorial opposite the old Canberra Hospital site across the lake; a happy group of climbing rocks for Ella and all the other little kids, but filled with sadness for those of us who remember the tragic events of 2003 so well. It is another reminder of how lucky our family has been over the years.

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