Monday, December 13, 2010


Last Wednesday night it poured with rain all night (on top of all the other rain we've had in recent weeks). The residents of Queanbeyan woke to find their river had flooded, cutting the town in two. We had a rain soaked visit to the fresh food markets at Fyshwick on Thursday morning and everyone was trading stories about the best way to get home, by circumventing the flooded roads.

By Thursday afternoon the worst of the rain had cleared, so we took a walk along the lake foreshore near the Waterside apartments at Kingston. We couldn't remember Lake Burley Griffin ever looking like this before. Turgid brown flood water lapping the top stones of the lake wall, lots of vegetable matter and whole trees floating in the strong current, obviously uprooted from the flooded wetlands of the Molonglo River.

Canberra only suffered localised flooding, although quite a few of our large trees have met a sad fate as their roots have become totally waterlogged, causing them to just topple over, at great risk to life and limb.
It has been a joy to see our garden return to life after the long drought years. We have even been able to turn our water features back on now that we are on a water conservation regime (as opposed to a water restriction regime).

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