Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas day

Christmas day was filled with fun for Ella even though she didn't have the company of any other little ones this year.

She managed to hold out until after 9.00am, when we arrived, to start opening her presents. We were amused to see her very diligently "read' all her cards before opening her gifts, usually making a pretty good guess at what was written.

There were big smiles when she opened this parcel.

Yes, her own camera, ready to take pictures of Banny taking pictures of her. J & J may have to institute judicious delete policies on photos taken at the end of each day!

We enjoyed lunch on "Pete's deck" at our house, on a balmy 27oC Canberra Summer day. Oysters, prawns, turkey, ham, and all the trimmings, we took hours and hours - a perfect, relaxed, long lunch.

The bonbons had great jokes this year - all the more hilarious because of Ella's exuberant reaction to them.

And the party favours inside were pretty amazing too!

But skip all the that to the best part of Christmas dinner - the cherry macarons from Flute Bakery. It was worth our half hour wait in the early morning queue outside Flute on Friday morning to see them being enjoyed so much.

Lucky there was a pistachio flavoured macaron left because it was so sad when the cherry macaron was all gone!

While everyone else was rendered immobile by the length and volume of our lunch Ella remained full of beans into the early evening. We had fun striking some "punny" poses in the back garden and doing a bit of dancing for the camera to end off this very happy day.

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