Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Q 2

Just over a year ago Maxie and Claire staged their first joint exhibition at The Q Gallery in Queanbeyan. Last Saturday their second exhibition together, From Little Things Big Things Grow, was officially launched with a buzzy gathering of friends, colleagues, contacts and other interested parties. The event was covered by the Canberra Chronicle (half page spread in this week's paper they say) and the art reviewer from the Canberra Times was there taking copious notes too!

In the background of this shot you can see glimpses of Claire's monoprint portraits-among my favourites of her work in this exhibition (we bought one). Claire produced a richly drawn (but with a print and painting or two) portfolio of still lifes (and a portrait or two), inspired by her domestic environment. They looked amazing.

Maxie's sculptures are much bigger and more ambitious in scope and scale than a year or so ago. Her paired works are beautifully constructed and composed, and obviously popular with gallery goers judging by her success in the Queensland Sculpture Awards last week.

The Q Gallery is a beautiful space and ideally suited to the scale of their exhibitions.

All the family were there. The kids had lots of space in The Q foyer area for dancing, jumping and playing games with Spiderman and Batman. Ella was over the moon to be wearing her Mummy's Scottish "tilt" for the first time. Jody wore her kilt in Scotland when she was 5, but it seems to fit Ella just fine already. I bet Jody looked just as cute as Ella does in it.

I bet this shot ends up in the Canberra Chronicle spread. We are all so proud of and inspired by the artists in our family!

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