Monday, June 21, 2010

Play Sydney

The children's playground at Coogee beats any of the Canberra versions hands down. It has every desirable playground feature including the best ocean views of any of Sydney's Eastern suburb beaches (although I might be a bit biased).
Rob and Zoe found these "stomping on the decking bells" which played out a chromatic scale if you stomped on them in the right sequence!
Zoe played for around an hour and a half on the swings, slides, sand pit, fort, climbing frames etc. I was impressed with her fairly pushy Sydney style as she staked out her claim to territory from the other two year olds!

She was on top of the playground pecking order most of the time although we saw her gentler side a lot too particularly when a dog came on the scene. I thought she was going to hug and kiss Buzz, the fluffy white lap dog, into oblivion.

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