Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ella's birthday - on the move

This post is a celebration of Ella on her eleventh birthday. She's still the gorgeous, talented, bright and funny girl we've known for over a decade, but a lot taller now ........ always on the move ......... and always heading in the right direction!

This was the big birthday present this year - one for the whole family to share .......
Ella's birthday yesterday was also marked by the installation of her first (small) set of braces. They only affect her back molars at this stage so hopefully her megawatt smile will be unhindered by the new hardware.

We were able to see Ella's two and half hour gym session last night (no slacking off just because it's her birthday). She does some very scary stuff - and beautifully too!

 Ella can walk the full length of this floor mat on her hands!
Happy Birthday beautiful Ella!

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rossie l said...

Wow Ella you're amazing xx