Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 4

We'd all been looking forward to this Christmas celebration SO much. The London branch flew into Canberra yesterday so we all pretended today was the 25th and celebrated the whole Christmas thing all over again, but this time with ALL of Maxie and Rod's family together - just amazing!
Eddie's been to Australia before of course (in September 2011 when he was just a baby). This time with the benefit of age and experience he's really looking forward to seeing some cockatoos the most. So he was thrilled to find these cockatoo print boardshorts under the Christmas tree, from his cousins Ella and Abi.
Eddie's found two wonderful playmates here - his two big, handsome boy cousins: Ollie and Angus.
This is Ivy's first visit to Australia - and she can't decide who is her favourite big boy cousin just yet.
But she does like the selection of toys Abi left for her, as well as all the new toys under the Christmas tree.
After lunch Eddie shocked us all by voting to join the big boys (in the charge of Jeremy) to head off down the coast for the night. It's such an Australian thing to do that (he'll be ok Mummy and Daddy)!
Ivy was happy to stay behind  and catch up on some quality time with her Nanny (they'll head off to the coast in the morning).............
 .. and wear this beautiful hand made dress (exquisite work by her Nanny).

We'll be catching up with this branch of the family again, and another branch too, over the next two weeks - stay tuned!

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