Tuesday, October 31, 2017

LZACS visit

With Granny Bobbie (GG) here it was a great excuse for the Sydney LZACS to visit Canberra, to see her and catch up with their Canberra cousins. 

There aren't too many opportunities for taking a pic of this side of the family all together - this was my best effort (but minus A and S unfortunately!)
We enjoyed lunch together on Saturday, at Saint Germain (in Campbell, not Paris) and our Hassett Park proved to be a great venue for some fun and games after. 

 I think baby Leo has won his cousin's heart or maybe it's the other way around?

For some reason the kids called this their Steve Urkel dance (have they even watched that old sitcom Family Matters???) 

We were all up early on Sunday morning - for breakfast together at the QT Hotel at New Acton - which was perfectly placed for a walk to the lake after (on a breezy cool Canberra morning).

 Baby Leo wins hearts wherever he goes!
I like this pic below - but pity about the WC backdrop! 

It's a huge effort for a busy family with 3 young ones to get away for a weekend - so glad the LZACS made it!!

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