Sunday, July 16, 2017

two weeks

Some highlights of the last two weeks?.....

  • Two lovely days with the girls here at the apartment, doing lots of drawing, eating, chatting, park playing and admiring the Merino ram's head! (Wayne's present to Abi who just loves bones!)

  • Finally making the decision to start hanging some of our art work (it's very hard to bang the first nail into a pristine wall - have I got it right??)

  • A couple of happy catch ups with friends and family, celebrating our new home - which in turn makes it feel even more like home!
  • We found some stools we like in Sydney; they look at home here we think...... 

  • With the arrival of the internet the lovely Andrew was able to connect up our blinds, lights & A/C to an App we can control via iPad or iPhone. It's much more comfortable now sitting in the winter garden and being able to control the light (we'd never complain about too much sun on a winter's day though would we?).

  • We're walking every day, either into Civic (via Glebe Park) to pick up our grocery bits and pieces, or around the lake. We did the East Basin walk this morning, in perfect winter sunshine (although there was still thick frost lying the shady bits). The lake never fails to delight no matter what the conditions.

  •  And nice to get a good selfie of both of us!


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