Sunday, April 9, 2017

In Sydney again

Our last few days in Sydney have seen plenty of highs and a few lows......  but this blog focusses on the positives....   and there were indeed, plenty of those.

On the way up last Wednesday we stopped off at the Goulburn Regional Gallery and were blown away by Claire's work in her current exhibition Presence: Two Visions of a Landscape. The pic below may not be the biggest or best work in her exhibition - but I thought it looked really good beside Maxie in her perfectly coordinated outfit.
Last Thursday was a huge day for everyone (especially Maxie and Rod) but we debriefed over a fabulous lunch at Matt Moran's Chiswick at the Gallery and a few hours enjoying the Gallery (and some shoe shopping later for Maxie and me).

Friday we walked from Coogee to Bondi on one of Sydney's stunning, superlatively beautiful days, then lunch at our fave Sabbaba in Hall Street - a gorgeous day! 
Judy and Jurgen joined us in Coogee on Friday night in time for our trek to the buzzy Pool Cafe at Maroubra Beach for Saturday brunch.

I had to include this close up pic of Rob's "fully loaded breakfast burger". Just as well it's an 8 klm round trip, walking to the Pool Cafe!!
We were able to celebrate our dear friend Fiona's big zero birthday on Saturday night. We started with drinks at the spectacular rooftop bar at the Hyatt Regency, overlooking Darling Harbour. The pic below shows us just settling in at the Zephyr Bar before we worked out the complicated system for ordering a drink (it was a bit too cool for school!).

 Rob and Jurgen - looking more relaxed after the drinks were ordered!..
The pic below is of Charlotte and me admiring the sunset while talking through some of the work challenges we've shared (although she's been much braver than me!).
 James organised the most fabulous sunset in honour of Fiona's birthday.......

 .... which finished with a spectacular firework's display - as you do!
We enjoyed dinner together at Chat Thai in Campbell Street. The food is always wonderful at Amy Chanta's Chat Thai and there were queues of people waiting their turn for a table when we arrived (at the appointed hour). The city was absolutely pumping on Saturday night - a spectacle of lights, sights and sounds.

We all enjoyed a slow start this morning and a post party catch up for brunch at Barzura's at Coogee Beach. The beach looked PERFECT this morning - all sparkle and dazzle, and gently rolling surf.
We had the whole day to enjoy together today: a long lazy brunch, beach time then a beer at the Coogee Bay Hotel. Luck for us Charlotte, Fiona and James did not have to return to Melbourne until late afternoon (and they weren't looking forward to flying back through the storm fronts over SE Australia).
Happy Birthday Fiona! Thanks for sharing a perfect celebration with us. Can't wait for the next one!

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judy l said...

Wonderful weekend everyone. Can't wait for the next one. Xx