Monday, December 12, 2016


December always starts with Maxie's birthday - a wonderful big birthday for her this year (one of those birthdays with a zero on the end!). Celebrations were spread over a few weeks of dinners, lunches and general frivolity!

Then it's Thomas's turn. We celebrated his birthday in Sydney this year at the Chop House on Bligh Street.  Phoebe made him his panda bear cake. They are both regular Sydneysiders now, making their marks in the world of big money and finance.
December is also the month of end of year concerts, gatherings and parties, school reports, end of year deadlines at work, shopping  and madly preparing for Christmas - it's crazy really!

In amongst the madness Claire and Jeremy hosted their end of year party at the gallery last Saturday night. They had the wonderful The Bridge Between band set up on the mezzanine playing fast and loose and very loud...wonderful stuff!
In amongst the December madness it's great to have an opportunity to share some special moments with dear friends and family and be reminded how good life is!

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