Thursday, September 8, 2016

Countdown to the wedding

Samcheonggak Gardens is only a 5 minute taxi ride from the Somerset Palace but it is a world away from the high rise and traffic noise of downtown Seoul. We gathered at the wedding venue this morning, together with Kay's Mum and Dad, to make sure we were all familiar with what will be happening this Saturday (only 2 more sleeps).
Set high above a tree covered mountain ridge above Downtown Seoul you can't see any signs of the city at all from here. It will be a beautiful setting for the wedding on Saturday.
The mother of the groom and the mother of the bride will play their part on Saturday - they will both be wearing traditional hanbok costumes......I can't wait to see that!
It was great to watch Kay in action today. She manages people with style and flair - and not a detail escapes her attention! Their wedding fuses traditional and Western elements and does not follow the usual Korean format - so everything has to be carefully explained! (and double checked)
With business out of the way we were able to enjoy a beautiful lunch together in this gorgeous setting.
I thought this was my best ever bibimbap. 
Our conversation was warm and relaxed, funny and heartfelt..and yet we can't speak Korean and Kay's Mum and Dad don't speak English. Kay did a lot of translating - but sometimes translation was not even needed! 
Rob's been feeling better today and was able to hang out with Ollie and Angus for the morning. He was even able to set out with us in the afternoon to the nearby National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. We all enjoyed this new museum and came away even more amazed at the miracle that is the Republic of Korea of today given its challenging history. 
Maxie and Rod arrived earlier today - from London and J & E from Melbourne! We are a very large noisy group now when we all join up for early evening G & Ts at the Somerset's courtyard bar.
 .....luckily Ollie and Angus can find some distraction while we are all drinking at the bar.
After drinks we walked en masse (via the Buddhist Temple) down to the lively Jongno district about a kilometre south of Somerset Palace. 
 ...past this remarkable landmark........... this bright and buzzy street.....
 21 Australians descend on a Korean bar-b-que joint in Jongno!
Ollie did all the cooking at our table...another delicious meal......
17 remaining (very happy) Australians at the end of their meal. Those who'd left before this pic was taken were also happy!

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