Saturday, August 13, 2016

Beautiful progress

The pic below of our apartment block under construction in Campbell was taken on the 16th July
..and here we are today, 4 weeks later, and ... we think it is making beautiful progress!!
 It's not hard to convince the girls to come and check progress at C5 with us.
However Abi remains quite resistant to having her photo taken - unlike her big sister who has always been comfortable with having my camera pointed at her........
The girls were trying on their wedding guest outfits during the week but even then despite all the excitement, Abi did not want to co-operate with picture taking!
But I had more luck this sugar was involved...just a few well spaced fart jokes (always guaranteed to get a laugh from a 4 year old!)

 It's not hard at all to take a great shot of Ella......
 ....who is making beautiful progress with her toe touches on the trampoline.

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