Saturday, May 21, 2016

The girl is 9

It's hard to believe that this sparky fun loving and talented girl is nine already!

Eight of Ella's friends helped her celebrate yesterday at the Rock Climbing Centre at Hume. We were all "roped" in too, acting as belayers for the young ones while they scaled the walls (of varying difficulty), having lots of fun and laughter in the process!

 Of course the four year olds wanted to join in too (eventually)!

This is the first year Ella has designed and made her own birthday cake. We made the chocolate devil's food cake (Donna Hay) before school on Friday morning and then did the icing on Friday night. Ella did a superb job of all the piping on top of the cake then it was our challenge to convince her to "let it show" and not crowd it with all the other decorative effects she had in her lively imagination. 

She loved the way the cake ended up looking like a Cadbury's block of chocolate (complete with purple ribbon). Go girl!

Abi loved helping Ella unwrap her presents afterwards, and was very taken with some of them herself.

This was our nine year old girl this morning - about to head out to another birthday party - looking very stylish and grown up. Go girl indeed.

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