Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas is coming 11

Great excitement here this morning as the young things headed off for the first of their pre-Christmas family celebrations in Braidwood. There has been a burst of creativity around here in preparation: beautiful hampers full of hand baked goodies, fabric dyeing, bunting making, all sorts of decorative textile efforts.

Ella tiedyed her own tops for the occasion and was armed with some amazing hand drawn art works to add to the present list.

Abi has been getting her mojo back after a week or so of being a bit "viral". Jody had made Abi a new top with some of her favourite motifs including a hand dyed love heart and some pink tulle fairy wings.

After a day picknicking and swimming in the sun with the rellies the girls had a very chilled out late afternoon at home.  Abi loves Nellie the Beagle - and the feeling is mutual.  They love their quality time together (and no licks were actually exchanged in the following photos).

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