Monday, November 9, 2015

Chore day

I've never seen girls enjoy a day of chores like Ella and Abi.  The main plan for Sunday was for Josh and Rob to take down the (rain damaged) garage ceiling (in a cloud of gyprock and plaster dust).

In the process Ella had a ball using the drop saw with Grandpa to trim the battens down to a more manageable size.  She's a natural!

The girls thought the whole demolition process was absolutely fascinating. They talked non stop about it, asked non stop questions and "helped" wherever they could.

When things got quiet the driveway proved to be a great canvas for some chalk drawing.

 Although Abi looked a bit doubtful about the outcome...
Another Sunday chore was bathing Nellie the very grubby Beagle.  This is a chore that Abi LOVES - and Nellie less so, although Nellie puts up with anything that Abi does with her...a perfect pet for a three year old.

All Sunday chores were successfully completed - well done girls!!

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