Friday, September 18, 2015

Chefchaouen 2

We were lazy tourists this afternoon enjoying a late afternoon couscous lunch at our favourite rooftop terrace cafe in Chefchaouen and then a few hours on our own private rooftop terrace at the Ryad Lina sampling some local beer and not so wonderful red wine from the historic Volubilis region.

Fridays are  prayer days for Muslims so the local mosques have been busy with extra loud calls to prayer throughout the day (and early morning). Our fave cafe only serves couscous on Fridays - but this was no hardship for us. Today our meal cost us just over $6AUS a head!

There are (skinny) cats everywhere in Chefchaouen (as well as goats). I liked this group of sleepers staking out their claim to the flour stores in one of the blue washed laneways.
 This is the lower level entry to our beloved Ryad Lina.....
 ......and sunset view from our rooftop terrace.

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