Sunday, June 28, 2015

Low key birthday

We celebrated Jeremy and Claire's birthdays this year in a "low key" (but astoundingly good) way  with a live performance of the VIP Band...right here in this very living room!!

Rob joined the boys for an ACDC intro set.  They all really rocked!!...but Rob eventually found he needed a bit more rehearsal time to keep up with the boys.

Ollie plays with great maturity, precision and expression and Angus plays drums like an absolute demon - way beyond his tender years.....he surprises everyone, including his drum teacher - in fact.

 The VIP Band is awesome!

 Even the guest grand daddy.

The girls LOVED their cousins' performance. Abi smiled and danced and showed off how she can now wink (which I didn't quite catch in this low light).

and Ella smiled a lot too, took over filming duties and organised stacks on games with the boys in between sets.

 It was great to welcome Maxie & Rod back too after their OS travels...

As the night wore on the boys played a few more outstanding sets with their teacher Gav........ They were really rocking and AWESOME!

Thank you Claire and Jeremy for sharing the VIP moment - unforgettable!
(and Happy Birthday too)

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