Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ella is eight

We celebrated Ella's actual birthday on Thursday - starting with a (coincidental) Merit Award at school assembly, then pizza making at our place afterwards ...great excitement! Ella has perfected a creditable Italian accent after many hours of practice with A - Bomb so she had us all in stitches with her bocconcini cheese stories..

E & A both insisted on watching the pizzas cook. Luckily my Italian Ilve oven can still perform well even under scrutiny as close as this.  (BTW pizzas were YUM!)

Ella's birthday party today was a "gymnastics" party hour and a half of carefully supervised fun with two trained coaches - catering to the diverse needs of this all age party. We were very impressed though with how open minded and happy O and A remained despite them being the oldest kids in the group. And Ella loved having them there!

Angus hasn't had much time before on the ropes.....and he was a bit unsure at first...
 But super confident in no time at all...
 Of course Ella is a well practised little rope monkey by now...
Ella's choice of cake was.......chocolate with cream cheese icing - no theme this year.  So I thought red velvet cupcakes would fit the bill!  (And they were all eaten, so must have been OK!!)

We had dinner with J & J & A & E tonight so we spent hours making craft (her current passion) while she did her best to catch me out with her new birthday whoopee cushion (LOL)!!!!

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Malcolm said...

Looks great fun.
Mr E would love that type of party!