Sunday, January 25, 2015

Australia day

I'll be honest, I don't like celebrating Australia Day on the 26th January.  It's a pretty shameful thing really to celebrate that day in 1788 that Governor Phillip let his convict cargo loose on the shores of Port Jackson (Sydney), raised the British flag and claimed possession of "terra nullius" (despite the presence of the traditional custodians of the land, watching the new arrivals with some (justifiable) wariness), as the defining moment in our nation's history!!

When will we be grown up enough as a nation to have a sensible conversation about this??

We are among the most fortunate group of people in Australia - able to take advantage of good public education (and free tertiary education in our day!!!), excellent health care, a strong economy and a high standard of living in one of the best environments on the planet. That doesn't stop me thinking though, about how lucky we've been, while others haven't been so lucky, and being very concerned about the level of government debate at the moment about our country's future.

But to keep me focussed in the moment..I just have to look at Ella and Abi, enjoying their wonderful beautiful, well resourced Canberra.

They had a sleepover with us this week. We took them to a special exhibition (and creative activities) at the National Portrait Gallery and then a few hours at the fabulous new Boundless Playground in King's Park near the Carillon. Boundless was built with the donations of Canberra public servants to commemorate Canberra's centenary last year. It is their gift to Canberra  and the Nation's children - an all abilities playground accessible by everyone.

Ella and Abi gave it the thumb's up! - especially the water play area which they LOVED. They got absolutely soaked.

It was a lot of fun having them over for dinner afterwards and then a raucous sleep over - Dinner was all their choice: spaghetti Bolognaise and crepes for dessert. We probably tolerated a lot more fun and games over dinner than their Mummy and Daddy would.


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