Sunday, August 31, 2014

Spring mix

An absolutely gorgeous 18oC day in Canberra today - getting ready for the official start of Spring tomorrow.

Abi's got a spring in her step with her two new spangly tutus (Granny's work) and continuing sartorial loyalty to Peppa Pig despite her girl crush for Ben and Holly and that wonderful role model Nanny Plum.

 That Alannah Hill headband never comes off now......Abi even wears it to bed.

Her imaginary play is full of animal characters (and fairies) - doggies, fish (all shapes and sizes), ladybugs, and as of this weekend, horses (pink ones)!

Ella is still the climber - no tree is safe. I am glad her Mummy didn't see how high she climbed into this lovely gum tree this afternoon.

And I thought I might continue my (very popular) 1975 series with a few more funny shots ........

Rob and I took a five week camping trip through Scandinavia and Russia (Soviet era then) in August that year with Transit Tours. We picked up the tour in London and surprise surprise found ourselves in the company of a pretty wild bunch of young Aussies and Kiwis for the next five weeks.

I can't believe we co-operated with this cheesy exercise in Volendam (very touristy old fishing village in Holland) on the first day of the trip.

I can't believe I got on a boat and sailed out on the Hardanger Fjord (Norway) with three such scary looking young men (Paul, John and Rob).

This is a pic of us setting up tents in the "Leningrad" camping grounds. After Scandinavia, Russia in those days seemed quite oppressive (scarily so) with very few allowances made for visitors. There were some very fierce babushkas operating this camping ground - although they must have turned a blind eye to the vodka parties at night where campers and locals would join in drinking games and plate smashing. Aussies and Kiwis participated in this cultural exchange very enthusiastically.
This proves we've been to Moscow - when St Basil's really did face onto RED Square.

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Roslyn Lawrence said...

Those gorgeous girls. I wonder if Abbi will leave her spangles behind one day to climb trees like Ella.
I'm loving the old European trip photos I have never seen them. They are pure gold. xx