Thursday, July 17, 2014

BIG birthday coming up

There is a certain person in the family who is celebrating a HUGE birthday in a few weeks. Our planning is in overdrive and the excitement is building. I have been organising some family photos for the event and have had some fun putting together a BK Book .

I think the three sisters shot below is from about 1959 - 60.

..and the three sisters shot (below) is from November 2012. They are the same three sisters! Can you work out which was which in the b&w shot above?

You can all probably understand now why I spend so much at the hairdressers these days after the hair style abuse I suffered as a child!

The pic below is of BK and baby Joel in 1981 when he was about 3 and a half months old.

And the pic below is of BK with grown up Joel, thirty three years on, in February this year - see how they've both developed a taste for beer over all those years!

The pic below, taken at Josh and Jody's wedding ten years ago includes every member of BK's immediate family at that time. Since then a few more partners have joined the family group and seven gorgeous great grand-children - what a busy decade it has been!

Almost ALL of this wonderful crew, including six of the seven gorgeous great grand-children will be in Canberra to help BK celebrate her BIG birthday in a few weeks. It's wonderful!

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