Monday, June 2, 2014

Brisbane wedding

We got back to Brisbane late on Thursday in readiness for Matt (Rob's nephew) and Mel's wedding at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday afternoon/evening 31st May.

We'd booked into Kirribilli Apartments overlooking the river, on Oxlade Drive, New Farm, only a few minutes away from the Powerhouse so on Friday afternoon we thought we'd head up there for a coffee and a look see.

The building was once a working power station which electrified the city (especially its tramway system) from the 1920s - the 1970s. It was abandoned for many years but used by artists, rebels and fringe dwellers as a performance space and hang-out. The first redevelopment of the building was completed by 2000, achieving its current form as an edgy, alternative, performing art space and cultural centre by 2007.

By Saturday morning more members of the P family had arrived - great excitement: Ella's third wedding, Abi's first - probably the first one Ella will remember in detail.  There'd been a few rain showers, so plans for a ceremony in the adjacent park were changed to under canvas on the rooftop of the Powerhouse, overlooking the Brisbane River.

Ella's and Abi's (2nd) cousin Zoe made a sweet flowergirl. 

.....And Matt and Mel made a very handsome couple (of course). Their ceremony was very thoughtful and heartfelt, and brought tears to the eyes of most of the guests.

Matt later told us a funny story about how he'd hurriedly decorated that lovely arch only an hour or two before the wedding. Apparently it was one of those jobs that was overlooked in the rush of the wedding week. He raided the flower garden in nearby New Farm Park for the required greenery and white blooms - but don't tell anyone that though.

Abi slept through the lovely ceremony and Ella looked incredibly serious and a little overcome by the presence of so many unfamiliar relatives.

But after the ceremony Zoe took her around and introduced her to everyone properly.

This group includes Rob's older brother and his sister-in-law - Matt's Mum and Dad.

There was a short break after the ceremony while Matt and Mel had photographs taken so we took the girls to the park for some active play. Abi woke up just in time for this.

As dusk settled we returned to the rooftop terrace where a bar had been set up and lovely antipasto platters were circulating around the candle lit tables.  Matt and Mel had organised a very child friendly wedding with little tubes of colouring pencils and notepaper provided for each of the young ones. It kept Zoe, Abi and Ella absorbed for AGES during cocktail hour.

Abi stayed entranced by that river all evening - she was picturing all those bub ubs (fish) swimming in the water and wanted to know ALL the details. Girls who grow up in Canberra don't see too many rivers up this close.

With dinner underway - there were more fun tasks to undertake - polaroid selfies, with the opportunity to create fun messages for Matt and Mel to keep as mementoes.

This gorgeous couple have been married 10 years already...fancy that! 

There weren't many speeches, but they were all sweetly funny and loving. Matt scored quite a few laughs with his.

The pic below is one of my favourites of the night. That's Rob's Mum with two of Matt's younger sisters. Bec and Jo MC'd the night - with lots of spirit and flair - all the P girls are pretty outgoing........nd they adore their Granny. Apparently they helped her organise her outfit for the wedding, including accessories and underwear - gorgeous girls!

Sunday morning and A & E were awake early, and enjoying the croissants available from about 6.30am at the wonderful Double Shot Cafe opposite the Kirribilli Apartments.

That kept them going until we were able to organise breakfast at nearby Merthyr Village. We were unbelievably lucky to get this table - everyman and his dog who live in New Farm go out for breakfast on Sunday morning.

All too soon we were heading off to the airport after a wonderful week reconnecting with family from Brisbane and sharing a gorgeous couple's wedding with so many of our favourite people.

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