Sunday, April 6, 2014

Girls week

Around this time of the year it is our practice to take High Tea in the art deco lounge of the Hyatt Hotel to celebrate Sophie's and Maddie's birthdays.

We missed Sophie this year because she was on a Malaysian Airways flight making her way to Paris for a five week school trip, right about the time we were fronting up to our third helping of cucumber sandwiches.

Despite the rain and a very cool 17oC maximum, Maddie looked great in her cute 60s inspired dress. She turned 17 on Friday and celebrated it by gaining her DRIVER'S LICENCE - first go!  This girl is on her way...

Judy came with us this year - after all it is her birthday month too. There are no low calorie options at high tea so we made it do for our lunch and dinner too - give me another 3 cheese swirl tart please.

We're used to the grand piano playing musak in the background to our high teas, but something rather special happened at the end of this particular afternoon. A (church) choir group were having professional photographs taken at the Hyatt and "just happened" to start jamming around the piano on their way out. We ended up having a rousing half hour impromptu concert - very cool too!

We've been lucky to be invited to Sunday roast dinner on a regular basis with the younger P family. Joshy cooks us an amazing meal, we take a bottle of wine and a platter of fruit purchased fresh that morning from the Woden Farmer's Market - and the girls provide all the entertainment.

Ella can do everything: draw, paint, construct, do puzzles, tell jokes, write and read stuff and make the Eiffel Tower...

Abi has had her fringe cut so that makes my job of photographing her somewhat easier. My remaining challenge is catching her in focus (without a flash) - she's never still - but always ready for a laugh!

We watched her tonight eat about half a chicken (chickney). She ate her share and then came and sat on Grandpa's lap and picked up his drumstick in her hand and demolished that too - Fred Flintstone style!

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davey said...

If Eddie ever saw a girl pull off that Eiffel Tower move, he would fall in love instantly! Xx