Sunday, March 2, 2014

Party party

Despite its "rustic" finish my Peppa Pig cake took a while to put together and involved a fair amount of Internet searching and mulling over ......

But whatever time it took and however much effort was involved it was all rewarded by the reaction of the birthday girl......sheer delight and happiness....a favourite, much loved character AND slathered in all that pink sugary icing........

...and Smarties!

There were presents too. The birthday girl adored her new pink fluffy dressing gown and it seemed like she understood every word and symbol on that new Peppa Pig DVD.

Luckily, Abi had attendants to put together her new farmyard Duplo while she did more swooning over her DVD and cake (while wearing her fluffy pink dressing gown).

 Did we mention there were Smarties involved?

We all made a mental note not to eat the outlying sweets on this cake as they were all pretty well handled by now!

 Abi had lots of help to get through the obligatory blowing out of candles.

I was laughing too much to capture the next 10 minutes of hilarity. Abi did everything short of diving onto the cake to get her hands on Peppa (and all that sugar). At one stage she scooped her spoon into Peppa's face and shoved a huge slug of cake and icing into her mouth. The kids thought it was hilarious eating Peppa's arms and nose and removing her head.

Peppa Pig set the scene for a pretty wild afternoon of partying..there was loud music, hilarity, wild dancing and ball games and even a brief period of nudity at one stage - one of the best parties ever at our place we think!!!

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judy l said...

Full marks for your project Jude.
Peppa looks absolutely gorgeous.