Sunday, September 22, 2013

E and A

Have I mentioned before that I have two beautiful grand-daughters?

At 19 months Abi is growing into a very colourful character. It's always the same routine when she arrives at our house. Where's the watermelon/ strawberries/ blueberries/ olives / cranberry and pistachio nougat/ glace ginger/ AND the (organic) Turkish figs???  C'mon hurry up Granny!

Then it's time for a quick hug with Fluffy Dog, a play in the cubby house we make out of our old Campaign chairs and, if we've been able to hold off that long, a walk over the road to check out our little mob of resident kangaroos!  Abi is quite the nature (animal) lover. I find that my camera skills are not always up to capturing Abi in focus (let alone correctly exposed) - she's never still!

Ella is the best big sister around - endlessly patient and understanding and quite protective too.

We had lunch together today in amongst the sheep paddocks and trout stocked lakes at Poacher's Pantry (Granny's having a birthday soon) so we had some fun watching the girls go through the menu and play in the pretty gardens of the old homestead afterwards.

They adored the creamy potato mash, so much so, Joshy ordered them a whole extra bowlful of their own to share.

Ella and I enjoyed the same dessert: Kaitifi baklava and pistachio gelato sandwich with caramel mandarins...

It looked far more attractive to Abi than sharing her Daddy's baked rice pudding creme brulee with rhubarb and Greek shortbread.

The garden had everything the girls loved: a hyperactive little curly tailed dog and fat goldfish in a pond for Abi and a tree for swinging on for Ella. Those boys in the picture were very impressed with Ella and hung around for a-g-e-s.

It's not my birthday quite yet but I was so thrilled to receive this beautiful handmade card from Ella today - all her own work - no help; not even any spelling advice, from ANYONE.

In case you're wondering that sentence in the speech bubble is..."Give me cake, says Granny"!!!!

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