Sunday, August 4, 2013

Miss M

It's hard to believe that there is at least one school in Canberra that has already hosted it's annual School Formal. I'm more used to these being hosted at the end of the year, with enormous hype and anticipation (by the guests) and some trepidation on the part of parents and teachers (more due to what happens afterwards rather than at the event itself).

I can see lots of advantages to staging a year 10 Formal right at the beginning of term's much easier to keep it low key and more controlled.

It was a big night for Miss M, fresh from her US holiday and NYC stay, dressed for the part and looking absolutely gorgeous and so grown up. I appreciated her braving Saturday's cold August weather in her Formal finery so I could capture her gorgeousness in the remaining light.

We were having some fun at this stage taking shots with as many other family members (including Maggie the Fox Terrier) as we could drag away from watching the footie game.  Although Miss S's year 10 Formal is a year away she was looking very grown up and gorgeous too on the night (must be something in the water in NYC).  Can you pick any sisterly similarities in this picture?

I thought I would add this shot from 2007 - showing what happens in six short years!


Malcolm said...

Time flies by. Lovely photos.
Whats all this with formals. We just used to have a very informal school dance (heavily patrolled by teachers)...but at least I was the band booker.

Claire Primrose said...

gorgeous kids... they grow up way too fast though.