Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Family birthdays

There are a number of family members who celebrate their birthdays in July. Probably the most notable one this year is Granny K's on the 31st.  She'll be 99 years young! Ros was able to share in some family fun time in Canberra last weekend (13th & 14th July) so we organised a weekend of "events" worthy of this significant birthday for Mum.

We had a family dinner, a long lunch at our place on Saturday and a lovely Sunday breakfast at the Hyatt Hotel (a favourite of Mum's). The biggest thrill for Mum at the Hyatt was having Ollie choose the ingredients for her omelet and hand deliver the pastries he thought she'd like the best. She talked about that for days afterwards. Ollie is quite the charmer!

And we managed to squeeze in some  sister time (very sweetly shared by Rob and Rod): a visit to the Bus Depot Markets at Kingston and an afternoon movie session at Palace Electric. We were lucky enough to see "Mud" which we all thought was a brilliant film.

I think my sisters are looking very hip and happening, especially big sister Maxie with her new hair do and glasses!