Saturday, June 22, 2013

No camera

I am without my Canon 30D.  After the excitement of buying my first prime lens (50mm f1.4) last week I accidentally DROPPED the whole kit (camera and new lens) onto the tiled floor from quite a height.  The camera is now at the Canon hospital getting fixed...and I have to use Rob's compact and the iPhone for the interim.

We've had some fun with the girls this week. Abi loves accessories and enjoys unpacking our shoes and trying on hats and my bangles during her visits. She also enjoys adding to her rock and leaf collections while checking out the birds in our garden.

Rob did Grandad duty at Ella's class's all day excursion to the Botanic Gardens on Wednesday. They looked at the role plants, air and water (PAWS) play in maintaining life.  The kids also expended a lot of energy running around the gardens like crazy, which was quite tiring for the Grandads supervising them.

Kindergarten class hosted assembly on Thursday. It was very entertaining, with a full rendition of their Jolly Phonics repertoire (no Whole Language approaches at this school), complete with all the hand actions to reflect the sounds ......

...while Abi engaged in her own diversionary tactics ....

I thought that Moon River was an unusual choice for the Kindies to sing - but delightful nevertheless.  I suspect their choir leader is a bit of a Breakfast at Tiffany's afficiando.  Ella does a pitch perfect Moon River even without accompaniment, but doesn't like her Granny to sing along with her (I wonder why!). 

Ella also had an announcer's role, which she did with great clarity and confidence - reading beautifully from her cue card.

She came back to our house after school for a playdate and dinner. Before we leave she loves the way Granny and Grandpa will stay back in the school playground for how ever long she likes while she gets uncrowded time developing her already considerable skills on the equipment


davey said...

Oh dear! How upsetting about your new kit. Lens sounds lovely, right up my alley! Looking forward to seeing some shots. Xx

Claire Primrose said...

well Done Ella!!!!! She is such a clever girl xx