Monday, May 20, 2013

Back to normal

We've been back in Canberra a week now and feeling like we're getting "back to normal". We had really missed the girls while we were away and were lucky enough to catch up with them a few times during the week.  They came over on Saturday for brunch and we spent ages playing in our messy back garden. Ella had fun teaching Abi about piles of Autumn leaves.

When we first saw Ella her beautiful new front teeth were very evident. She must have gown even taller too as Rob and Josh had to make a few adjustments to the play equipment so her feet wouldn't touch the ground.  It's Ella's 6th birthday this week and in her second term at big school is making great progress with her reading. She was able to read (independently) most of the message on the birthday card we gave her this afternoon.

That stunning smile that lights up the world is pure Ella, including those very grown up new front teeth.

Ella always brings us drawings and sometimes carefully wrapped and beribboned treasures she creates for us.  Today we were lucky enough to receive this life size self portrait - perfect.

But we noticed even bigger changes in Abi over the past 6 weeks. She's looking so much like her beautiful Mummy - with plenty of hair, and now cut in a cute bob. Abi understands just about everything you say to her and has very definite ideas about what she wants (and doesn't want). She's very active and a fast mover but has no concept of risk management as yet. She's got a great sense of fun and loves a joke. She screws her nose up and laughs with her whole face when she thinks something is funny (which is often). Like Ella at the same age she uses her hands and fingers with great delicacy and precision - and she has tiny feet - cuteness personified.


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