Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter boys

Claire sets high expectations of her boys even at Easter. Their Easter egg hunt cryptic clues were very challenging..and took the boys searching all over the house and the garden..including through bathrooms, bookshelves and behind Davey's ancient skateboard in the garage. How long has that been there Davey?
They found the treasure in the end of course - in Papa's computer cupboard in his office.. of course!

Happy boys!

Rob spent a long time today playing ball with the boys. They play hard and Rob already finds it challenging to keep up with them. Ollie is very competitive and Angus thinks it's all good fun.  We were excited to see Angus's new snowboard and enjoy his plans for a great snow season ahead.  Angus is an award winning artist and has used some of his recent prize money to fund the purchase of this great piece of equipment.

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