Sunday, October 9, 2011

Celebrate some more

My sister graciously hosted a birthday celebration for me today, a wonderful chance to be spoilt with good wishes from good friends and enjoy more amazing food and wine together. Judy L. prepared Coffin Bay oysters, Jennie F., inspired by our favourite Peter Gilmour, had smoked duck breast and served it caramelised with mushroom risotto.

Maxie had roasted delicate little spatchcocks wrapped in prosciutto and served it with Middle Eastern style salads: maftoul (large grain couscous) and parsley and sultanas.

Followed by this gorgeous almond crumble and raspberry and pear dessert served with honey toasted cream (and chocolate icing).

I am really enjoying (while feeling humbled by) all this birthday love, but I also really enjoyed catching up on all J & W's travel tales, the tempranillo and tapas stories from Spain, sangiovese in Chianti and the now familiar delights of Beau Rivage in Condrieu.... and experiencing the invincible Kenny TomTom. Judy L. had more stories too from the Blue Mountains. We were also lucky to have the girls and Thomas (now a licensed driver) join us for this lovely relaxed afternoon together.

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